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In order to promote England and English businesses around the world, the English Business Council (EBC) was started in Dubai in 2017 by David J Burns MBE. The EBC operates within the guidelines of the UK Government Department of International Trade export policy and supports third party initiatives that play a role in the development of England’s commercial activities.

Business Proposal

The English Business Council (EBC) would like to incorporate EBC “Hubs” in English curriculum schools who have ‘A’ Level business studies, B-Tech courses or equivalent.

The objective is to provide an opportunity for students to experience real life situations in parallel with their academic studies. The EBC would provide guidance to the institution and its students on how to set up the EBC Hub as a company administered by a board of student directors. They would understand from experienced commercial operators the importance of governance and due diligence in addition to the realities of risk management and operational excellence.

The EBC Hubs would attract input from a host of professionals and corporations, all willing to provide structured and informative inputs on the realities of best practice and how business is conducted globally. The students would be given insights into how business is carried out from business professionals via an e-learning platform or webinar process.

New ideas and innovations would be recorded within the school page on the main website for future reference. Students would be encouraged to take the lead on projects and write updates and reports on their experiences and outcomes. Potential opportunities and ideas will unfold and could be implemented as time and resources allow.

English Business Council (EBC) – Business and Commercial initiative for schools

We are delighted that you have expressed interest in the EBC’s business and commercial initiative for schools, and we thank you for your trust in us. Since the launch of the proposal we have had very positive responses from our business associates, professional members and supporters who have volunteered to participate in this e-learning initiative.

The EBC will advise on the setting up of EBC branches in English curriculum schools and provide business studies students the opportunity to gain hands on experience, and professional guidance, in the areas of:

  • Board Structures and Procedures
  • Corporate Governance
  • Business Strategy
  • Business implementation and case studies
  • Risk management
  • Investment Finance
  • Brand development
  • Talent Solutions
  • Property and Facilities Management
  • Global Engagement
  • Cultural Understanding

In addition, the EBC will provide access to very reputable international business professionals and innovators who have agreed to share their knowledge and experiences for the benefit of the students and their projects.

We propose to move the initiative forward in three stages:

  • Stage 1 Presentation of business proposal and overview
  • Stage 2 Schools Internal review and assessment 
  • Stage 3 Approval and agreement in principle to proceed

Stage 3 would be complete once we have an agreement approved by both parties.

As a first step in this business relationship let us get to know one another with a simple Know your Customer (KYC) procedure. To this end we would appreciate some basic information please on your current business studies courses namely, the curriculum, what the students need to demonstrate in order to achieve a satisfactory outcome, the practical course work that contributes to their final grade, and where you see weaknesses or opportunities that we can all work on together. We can then select the best professionals to provide a series of instructional online presentations demonstrating different aspects of real life business situations and outcomes.

In parallel with the KYC we would be grateful for the approximate number of students who will make up the various Boards in your school. It would also be useful to have a member of staff, a student teacher or a responsible student as a main point of contact with the EBC. We will provide a list of board positions and skills required to make up an efficient and compliant board, and it may be interesting initially to let the students decide on how they fill the appointments. The selection could begin by encouraging and allowing the students to present their reasons for standing for particular positions.  This “hustings” process would be similar to student and business council elections.

The EBC is very much looking forward to working with you and your students at this very important stage in their education and development, and we look forward to getting started.


We suspect that the interested institutions will need time to review and assess the opportunity presented before moving forward with implementation. The EBC Hubs can be set up from initial agreement to fully operational within a few weeks.


  1. Presentation of business proposal and overview
  2. Internal review and assessment
  3. Approval and an agreement in principle to proceed
  4. Identification of student responsibilities and initial roles
  5. EBC Hub incorporation onto the EBC website
  6. First EBC Hub Board Meeting supervised by the EBC via videoconference.

 Business Strategy

To be discussed after initial agreement.

Message from the Founder & CEO – David Burns, MBE

“My first experience of business technology was a black Bakelite telephone with a numbered circular dial and a cash register that added up the daily shop takings. Today the average age of entrepreneurs in this new world of technology and innovation is getting lower at an inspiring rate. 15-year-old self-made millionaires are not uncommon today as the youth embraces this new reality in commercial operations. As a result, it is imperative that business organisations provide the highest level of commercial and real-life information to this growing group of young men and women who are entering the business administration and governance industry.

To support this effort, the EBC will continue to expand its presence worldwide with a view to promoting the commercial opportunities of the young and old alike. I want to make it very clear that joining and participating in the EBC’s website, and uploading your information, is completely without cost. I want to make sure you have a platform whereby you can promote yourself, or your organisation, to the widest audience possible without incurring fees or subscriptions.

Also, I set up the English Business Council to promote “Made in England” as a stamp of excellence. I want the English Business Council not simply to project values such as professionalism and integrity to the world, but to make them a reality for as many as possible.

Change is the only constant

I have embraced the changes in business technology over the past 60 years and will now have to do so again. These are challenging yet exciting times from a business development perspective, and a great opportunity to be on the frontline of amazing new technologies and applications. As Alvin Tofler said: “Change is the only constant” and arguably events with groups of business people meeting to exchange business cards over a convivial coffee are being replaced by technology. Chat Rooms and virtual networking are changing the way we think and the way we do business.  It is also changing the way we learn.

About Us and the Team –

The English Business Council is a privately funded third party commercial initiative administered by volunteers and pro bono professional services such as accountancy and legal advisory. Where possible we like to utilise the enthusiasm of students to manage some of our social media requirements.

Our Managing Council

David J. Burns MBE – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Stuart Crocker – Chief Operating Officer – Director Adamas Finance Asia Ltd 
Farah Farazad – Chief Visionary Officer – CEO, Chameleon Jungle
Abdul Wahab Al Halabi – Councilor – Partner at Decker & Halabi
Joanna Cadman – Councilor- Chairman Royal Society of St George
Mark Cooper – Councilor – Lloyds of London 
Caroline Hayward – Councilor – Founder & CEO of The Chairman’s Network


Our Services – Our services are primarily introductory across all commercial sectors and business types. We facilitate introductions between English businesses and commercial opportunities globally, and maintain a participant approved data bank to allow easy access to a company’s products and credentials.

Kind regards, David J. Burns MBE

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