EBC Partners

Our services are specifically aimed at English firms or individuals that are interested in exploring business opportunities in the UAE in the most economical way.


If you decide to take the big decision to establish a business in the UAE, we can provide complete support both in the setting-up process and ongoing. Examples would be:

  • In some business formations, it may be necessary to engage a local partner or service agent and we can make introductions.
  • Obtaining necessary licenses and other permissions.
  • Finding suitable offices and installing utility services.
  • Obtaining visas and residence permits.

Many of the above services, which can be time-consuming, especially for a newcomer, are known in the UAE as “public relations” assistance and we can provide the full spectrum. However, if you also happen to require “public relations” support of the better known kind, we can point you in the right direction!
In simple terms, we can provide the assistance which allows you to concentrate on operating and developing your business.

The English Business Council promotes English companies, goods and services in the United Arab Emirates and the wider Arabian Gulf market.

We assist English firms that are interested in investigating the market potential and can help individual entrepreneurs as well as small and medium-sized companies take their first steps into this exciting region. Our support can range from initial consultation in the UK through assisting with a fact-finding visit and – if all proves well – to establishing a company in the UAE with ongoing support.

On the ground we arrange networking opportunities for English companies and organise. English stands at exhibitions for both UAE and overseas companies. The EBC’s associates have many years’ experience working in the UAE in a variety of fields and understand the realities of doing business at the sharp end.

In these pages you will find more detail about how we can help you find economical ways of operating in the UAE market.

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