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How to grow an SME

Most company owners intuitively know that if their company growth slows or declines, the company can go bankrupt. But you…

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Recession? There’s no better time to start a business

What do General Motors, Burger King, CNN, Uber and Airbnb all have in common? They were all founded during economic…

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Strategy is the core of business success

Do you ever wonder why some companies are successful and perform better than others? Or why some are hard to…

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The Quest for Liquidity

How liquid is your business? Liquidity is the only real test of your ability to pay bills, retain staff, provide…

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Diversify or Die?

There are many myths about the role and power of diversification. Businesses might be tempted to change direction when their…

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5 signs that Digital is going to destroy your company

With more and more businesses working digitally and shifting to digital products and supply, are we really aware of the…

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Innovation and SMEs Must Go Hand-in-Hand

The evidence shows that it’s not just rhetoric that matches SMEs with adaptability and invention – it’s a competitive necessity,…

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From Survival to Growth

Enterprise strategies in the age of social distancing and revenue disruption The spread of the Corona Virus has forced governments,…

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SMEs and Sustainability: what’s next?

In a living-with-the pandemic era, has Sustainability become trivialized for SMEs – do they have better things to worry about…

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