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English Business Council



The English Business Council (EBC) has been established to project the qualities of professionalism, pragmatism, integrity, and transparency that are seen internationally as hallmarks of the English business. Enjoying 1,000 years of democracy and the Rule of Law, England’s legacy of stability and entrepreneurship makes it a preferred trading partner for many Fortune 500 businesses and for the world’s most dynamic commercial cultures.

In 2019, the EBC agreed on a collaboration with the Royal Society of St George (RSSG) the Premier Patriotic Society of England founded in 1894 and incorporated by the Royal Charter whose Patron is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to promote English business through the RSSG branches in England and overseas. This would add a commercial element to the branches in England that would provide additional interest in English Business and RSSG activities with a view to an increase in funding and membership.

In 2019, Lloyds of London’s Dubai office agreed to sponsor the EBC in the UAE.  It is this level of engagement and perception of the English Business work ethic internationally that prompted us to seek international partners and open branches of the EBC outside of the UK. 

Our first international office opened in Jakarta in late 2019.  Each branch will be mandated to promote English business within their territories but may offer different specific services depending on local availability of expertise.  It is envisaged that all our branches overseas will provide information in setting up a new business, and in some cases actually assist in the process. 

Giving Quality Guidance


The English Business Council offers services that are practical, relevant and effective – benchmarking all that’s best about English business practices.

At the English Business Council, we work with Management Consultants, Accountants, Lawyers and professionals in addition to experienced operators who have been working in our territories for many years, with experience of actually having established and operated their own companies – who know what it’s really like to get things done (and what are the pitfalls).  We can also provide information that no government office can provide due to our connections within the local business community.

Become An EBC Partner

The English Business Council offers to its supporters many services to help them grow their business, export to other countries and test the water before diving in.


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